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Bill Wheeler

Height: 6 feet

Weight: 365

D.O.B. 07/11/74

Organization: APF Michigan

Gym: The Garage


Bill flanked by Clay Brandenburg and John Zemmin

Work History:
Worked Security at a mall for 5 years. During that time I had to work security for a couple of stars:

Brandon Call (J.T. from the ABC sitcom Step By Step)

Some soap opera guy named Bruno. Worked with the Beast on both of these duties.

Currently I am working as a Unix System Administrator at La-Z-Boy Incorporated. I have been with this company for 8 years now. I started out in the Computer Operations department working swing shifts for 4 years. I now currently work day shifts work with Unix.

I have been in lifting the past 3 years, just starting out as fun. Now things are even better with competing in meets. I also, bowl, play softball, golf and any other sport. I have helped Beast run the Roy Begley Bench Press contest the last couple of years. I have to give him all the credit, I am just one of those behind the scenes workers.