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Tom Pearch

Height 6 feet 1 inch
Weight 250
D.O.B. 4/4/1970
Organization APF Michigan

Admonishing an employee at work

I have worked all aspects of the security field over the last 12 years and currently manage the in-house security department at the Detroit Auto Auction. I have also done security work (1 day or weekend) for the following:

Ted Lindsey (Red Wing)
Gary Bergman (Red Wing)
Keith Primeau (sp?) (Red Wing)
Mickey Lolich (Tiger)
Milt Wilcox (Tiger)
Ron LeFlore (Tiger)
Willie Horton (Tiger)
Dave Rozema (Tiger)
George Kell (Tiger)
Brandon Call (J.T. from the ABC sitcom Step By Step)
Teen Ms America (name?)
Bronco McKart (pro boxer)
Kaye Lani Rae Rafko (Ms America 1988)
Some soap opera guy named Bruno. Me and Hitch were making fun of him. He was pretty cool for a soap opera guy.
There were a few more but I can not recall their names.

Organized the Roy Begley Memorial Bench Press Challenge in 1997. All proceeds go to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. We have raised well over 50000 dollars for MDA. Founded the GWF backyard wrestling organization. We did shows for the neighborhood for several years in the 80s. It was always fun traveling to the east side of town to wrestle. Those guys worked very stiff. I found that out during my first match. I was taking it easy on the guy and he got me with a hard DDT. It didn't help that they were using a boxing ring. After that I let loose and got the win. The last batch of wrestlers joined the group in 1998. I turned the reigns over to the wrestlers and last I heard they had purchased their own ring. Some of those guys are pretty hardcore!